Amongst Myselves' inroads to electronic/atmospheric music began when he first heard the works of early electronic groups like Tangerine Dream eg. "Atem" and "Alpha Centauri". During this period he was also exposed to Schulze, Synergy, Gandalf, Peak and the more commercial groups including Kraftwerk, New Order and Vangelis. Australian radio programs like "Dream Time" and "Scratching the Surface" were two of the few outlets where he could hear such work. This line-up of influences started Amongst Myselves twiddling knobs on his own synthesisers. So with the help of a couple of old cassette decks, a couple of synthesisers and lots of enthusiasm Amongst Myselves started composing.

Amongst Myselves started writing and performing under the guise of Southern Garden, with his New Year's Shows being a great hit. He also released six cassettes of material, his most praised being the post-apocalyptic "The Last Day".

During the 90's he became more aware of neu-Ambient with the likes of Future Sound of London, Steve Roach, Robert Rich and Aphex Twin, not to mention a new interest in the Eno's (Brian and Roger). So, with the help of advances in computer-based synths he took a great interest in the ambient.

Amongst Myselves released "The Sun In The Bottle" in 1999. The style of this album was definitely new age in its basis with a hint of electro-acoustics, as heard on tracks "Before Now" and "The Last Woman on Lysithea". "The Sun in the Bottle" had extensive airplay in Europe and the USA.

During 1999 he started work on "Still Life", feeling at ease with the ambient/space/drone direction his work was taking. There are still reflections of new age coming through but as reviewer Hans Stoeve of PowerSpot FM mentions in his review of "Still Life", "....he has resisted the urge to compose dramatic music".

Meanwhile, at the end of 2000 AquaFM released " 01" on which appeared an unreleased piece by Amongst Myselves titled "5am Melbourne 1996". This piece would also be released on "Sacred Black".

The success of "Still Life" led Australian radio program "Ultima Thule" to contract Amongst Myselves to create their new opening theme based on the "Still Life" track "Ship of Dreams". During 2002 the two cd compilation " 02" was released containing the title track from "Still Life", "Ra's Playground".

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