27th November 2012
I've been working on a short (30 minute) film of Amongst Myselves vision and music for the CD Launch of the band Monkey Puzzle Tree which is happening this Friday night. It's contains 3 new tracks which could be candidates for the next release. There's also a two part interview that I've done with Paul from Morpheus Mall that you can read about here - Interview 1 and Interview 2. On the hardware front I've been working on a new Music From Outer Space project which is fully documented over at my blog

4th June 2012
Added 4 reviews of "Ambient, Landscape and Space". Great result from radio and also reviewers. Entered a track for the 60x60 project based around our old cuckoo clock. Spending quite a bit of time working on electronic projects at the moment in perticular the ultimate MOCON project the UM12vB and future synth project MFOS Gigantor. More soon...

8th February 2012
All set for the release of "Ambient, Landscape and Space". All radio and review copies are on their way to the relevant people and soon CD Baby should have their sale copies. Though I ask anyone who wishes to buy a copy of ALS please consider buying from this web site first as it helps channel more money back to me instead of world wide postal services.

5th December 2011
I'm really bad at updating this news page. There's no news in that statement !! Anyhow the DVD / Bluray / CD titled "Ambient, Landscape and Space" is complete. It consists of 10 tracks, some old and some new alongside 10 video clips. There's even shots of a band playing the music !!. I'll put up a teaser soon. The standard package will be a Audio CD with DVD and if you want a copy on Bluray (on DVD discs) I'll send one out !

I spent a good month in late July and August doing a 15 minute timelapse film for "Greening Australia" which is an organisation for regenerating sustainable environments. Here's a short extract.

26th October 2010
I can't keep up with this. Lots of new stuff. 4 great reviews of "Fragments". An interview with Bert Strolenberg. Listen page is up for a short play of each track off "Fragments". Pics of yours truly. Also a PDF containing all the updated Bio, the Interview, Pics and other info.

31st August 2010
The discs of "Fragments" have arrived from the manufacturers and looking good !